Since our inception in 1965, the members of the Toronto East Rotary Club have had a single goal – "Service Above Self." We try to make a difference in our community by offering assistance and programs to those in need. With your help, we make it happen.

Here are a few of our past, current and on-going community projects:

Autism In Mind (AIM): TERC partnered with York Rotary club to provide Autism In Mind a sensory integration room where autistic children can practice fine and gross motor skills and learn self-regulation through systematically planned physical activities. The project total was $10,750.

World of Difference: TERC partnered with Brighton Rotary club and the Spark of Hope Foundation to provide educational opportunities for girls living in impoverished circumstances. The total project value was $19,000 in value.

Ongutoi Water Collection Project: This program in Uganda is centered around a Rotary built health centre. We partnered with 4 other Rotary clubs to provide a water collection & irrigation system for a fruit tree orchard. The orchard is operated as a business venture, with proceeds used to finance the health centre. This project was valued at $15,000.

AguaJira: this project supplies potable water for indigenous people in drought plagued La Guajira Colombia. The total project was $85,000 in value. We partnered with Rotary clubs in Colombia and the United States.

Back to School Program: 8.7 million children in the Philippines are unable to attend school. Our contribution to Back to School makes it possible for 20 children to attend school for one year.

ShelterBox: Last year alone, 85 million people lost their homes to natural disasters and conflict. ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and tools for those in need. TERC has contributed $10,000 to build.

Free Reading Program: The Free Reading Program is a robust Kindergarten to Grade 6 online learning program. Over 3600 interactive learning activities are designed to engage young learners. The program is provided without cost to any child with internet access. Over 185,000 children have enrolled.

Monarch Park Eco Program: TERC purchased plant material, to assist students at Monarch Park Secondary School in converting portions of the school property to an eco friendly environment.

St. Jamestown: 40 students (5-12) receive after school tutoring & a nutritious snack throughout the school year with a $2,000 TERC donation.

The Music ProjectThe Music Project offers group music lessons to kids in east Toronto. Our $1,500 donation purchased a variety of musical instruments.

Emily’s HouseEmily's House provides hospice care for children. Our contribution provides funding for the recreation and therapy programs.

Blake Boultbee Youth Outreach Service: Provides programs for youth in crisis. A $3,000 donation provided Blake Boultbee with food and refreshments for program attendees.

Food Bank Luncheons: Each month, members and friends gather to prepare a healthy luncheon for approximately 100 food bank clients. Our expenditure this year was $2,000 for food purchases and 250 volunteer hours.

TERC Casserole Program: Members and family produced casseroles to feed 400 homeless men at Good Shepherd Refuge on Queen Street.

Holiday Angels Program: We provided $3,000 to support refugee families in our area, providing basic household needs, clothing and Christmas gifts.

The Riverdale Share Concert:  A donation of $1,250 sponsored the program for The Riverdale Share holiday celebration held every December in our neighbourhood. The concert raised over $60,000 and truckloads of food for families in crisis in the community.

Shelter Movers: We donated $2,000 to assist Shelter Movers move women and families from abusive situations to safe alternative shelter.

The Highway of Heroes Tribute: We provided $3,000 to plant trees along the Highway of Heroes. This project will plant 117,000 trees, one tree as a living memorial for every soldier who has lost his/her life defending our country. We also provided a team that planted 250 trees at Sunnybrook Hospital, honouring our military.

Woodgreen Christmas Meals on Wheels Program: Our members and friends delivered meals on Christmas day and provided a gift for each shut-in. TERC provided Woodgreen $1,100.

Sunnybrook Hospital Veterans Memorial: We purchased two memorial plaques at Sunnybrook Hospital K Wing Chapel. The plaques were dedicated to Bill Phelan (TERC Charter President) & Jack Embry (President 82/83). Our contribution: $800.

Thrill of the Grill:  TERC volunteered at this Danforth BIA event in June.

TERC Don Valley Tree Planting: For 28 years TERC has planted trees in the Don Valley behind Todmorden Mill. This year our $3,300 contribution supported the planting of 55 trees, 35 shrubs, and 45 ferns, as part of an RI challenge to plant 1.2 million trees.

Children’s Clothing: a club expenditure of $1,800 provided 186 pieces of children’s clothing (jackets, pants & shirts) to New Circles. This organization works to provides quality clothing to help those with limited income.

54 Division Community Police Liaison Committee: The CPLC is proactive in community relations, crime prevention, education, mobilization, and communications initiatives. TERC purchased a $1,225 tent that can be used in for their many community functions.

Wanda’s Art ProgramHomes First provides therapy services to people with mental illness. We provided $2,700 to fund art program supplies.

Eastview Intergenerational GardenEastview Community Centre provides 80,000 meals per annum to those in need in our community. TERC provided $2,000 to establish a garden that will supplement the food bank supplies, reduce hunger and aid in education.

Elpida Autism Foundation: TERC provided Elpida Autism Foundation with $3,000 to support families living with autism.

Michael Garron Hospital Cancer Centre: TERC donated $3,500 to Michael Garron to provide cancer patient services.

Durham Region Cancer Centre: $3,500 donated to provide cancer patient services at Lakeridge Hospital.

Northern Birthday Box Project: $250 to help children in a northern First Nations communities celebrate their birthday.

East York Soccer: We sponsored 5 house league East York Soccer Club teams with our $1000 contribution.

East York Baseball League: We sponsored a competitive baseball team with $500.

Glen Rhodes Food Bank: TERC members donated $25 Loblaw’s gift cards to assist this organization.

Michael Garron Kick the Stigma: We provided a $2,500 sponsorship to Michael Garron's soccer tournament and festival held at Monarch Park Stadium. Our booth also donated an additional $580 to the hospital, raised through a raffle.

Reading Circle: Members read to children weekly to develop a love of books.

Bethany Food Bank Kitchen Equipment: TERC provided two stoves, a commercial sink and sundry kitchen equipment to the food bank at Bethany Baptist Church. The equipment will allow community volunteers to address the lack of food security for 100 families in our neighbourhood. The total project was $3,500.

Escuela Jose Cecilia del Valle: TERC partnered with Schools for Children of the World to construct a school with 3 classrooms, provide classroom furnishings, washroom facilities, and a fenced playground in Las Lagas Honduras. The total budget was $90,000.

Native Child & Family Services: TERC partnered with Scarborough Rotary to provide a program of cultural teachings, traditional foods, and arts and crafts activities for children 6 to 12 years in a high needs area of Scarborough. The project total was $10,000.