Toronto, ON , June 5, 2020 – The impact of COVID-19 on small business has been devastating. On a strip of Danforth where small businesses had been thriving, this disruption is proving to be more than many can handle. In an effort to spark local business activity, The Toronto East Rotary Club (TERC) is partnering with local family-run Danforth restaurant, The Ellery, by purchasing fresh hot meals destined for the Red Door Shelter and WoodGreen’s First Steps to Home program every week.
TERC serves the East-end community, and has mobilized to respond to the crisis by creating a micro- economy, fueled by energetic members and fundraising dollars. During the pandemic, businesses are not the only ones struggling. Homeless shelters, with a steady demand for space and need for food are also trying to feed their clients. TERC is partnering with local Danforth restaurant The Ellery in a creative two- pronged plan: pay the restaurant to prepare delicious individual meals for the Red Door and WoodGreen every week. The Ellery prepares the meals, and members of TERC pick up and distribute them straight from the kitchen to the Red Door and WoodGreen. This joint program is feeding over 60 people including men, women and children every Thursday.
“During COVID-19 our senior clients in our First Steps to Home program are more vulnerable than ever. Food insecurity has become an even greater challenge.These donated meals help WoodGreen take good care of our clients by ensuring their health and safety during this difficult time” said Teresa Vasilopoulos, Executive Director, The WoodGreen Foundation.
TERC is actively looking for other opportunities to partner with local merchants to help feed the hungry, while infusing the local economy with much-needed cash. The program is also giving everyone involved a much-needed sense that we can all make a real difference to the lives of those in the community during this difficult time.
“One of TERC’s primary objectives is to help build a vibrant community so fighting the impact of the pandemic by channelling all our efforts to help our local community was an obvious move”, says TERC President, Marion Chan.
About Toronto East Rotary Club
Toronto East Rotary Club is part of the Rotary International network of over 35,000 clubs worldwide. TERC, founded in 1965 has approximately 40 members from a wide range of professional and social backgrounds. Our common ground as Rotarians is we see a world where people unite and take actions to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves. Our motto is: “Service Above Self”. We strive to make a difference by supporting programs, either financially through fundraising efforts, rolling up our sleeves and getting to work or providing an avenue for building awareness of issues and organizations. Together we can help make it happen. For the past 55 years has consistently raised between $55,000 and $100,000 every year to support local community and international organizations.
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