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When a POD is responsible for a month’s program, they will:
  • Arrange & book speakers
  • Communicate with the speaker regarding audio visual requirements and arrange for same.
  • Provide a member who will informally introduce the speaker to all the members of the club.
  • Ensure the club regalia has been set up
  • Set the agenda for the day and provide the chair with a copy.
  • Provide a greeter for guests and visiting Rotarians
  • Provide someone to introduce and thank the speaker
  • Consider conducting a raffle, 50-50 draw or similar.
  • Provide a few moments of Rotary knowledge at each meeting – Rotary Minute/education
  • Ensure that photos are taken of all club functions
  • Provide reports and/or announcements about TERC activity for the District & Club websites.
  • Perform other duties as may be necessary.
To make things easier on the POD leader:
  • Start an e-mail discussion with your POD members 2 months before your lead month and/or sit together at lunch. 
  • Get the whole team involved in programs for your meeting days.  Recruit members for introductions, note taking, photography, etc. 
  • As team leader your job will be much easier if you coordinate the team rather than trying to do it all yourself!